Outdoor Projection Services

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After many years of giant outdoor Beaming, this media support is still proving it's efficiency to take the message of the brand very close to the target audience. In order to maximize the contacts and generate a real impact, we keep our focus on developing Beam-Inc to a most effective media tool:



Fixed network of A-location walls all over Belgium or any own/new location


Flexible network of several hotspots in every major city


From fixed images to video projection and complex interactive mappings


Beam-Inc can be your full service partner on events or brand activations


Did you know that:22% of beer mats are used for making notes on and taken home by their user? 77% of customers at bars and pubs play with one or more beer mats for more than 5 seconds? 89% of beer mats end up in a different place by the end of the evening? 92% of customers at bars and pubs look at a beer mat for more than 15 seconds? You will m — Read more